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Hunlen Falls...

Hunlen Falls

photo: Chris Harris

We can fly you on just about any day, subject to the weather.

Bring your camera and plenty of film or a spare set of batteries for your digital IF you are wanting to capture memories of your flight!

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All flights depart from our floatbase at Nimpo Lake.

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Fantastic Views...


Tweedsmuir Air provides flightseeing tours of the area within a 75 mile radius of our floatbase. With Nimpo Lake as the 'eastern gateway' to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, we are within easy flying distance of several locales which offer spectacular views from the air...


Hunlen Falls... from $100 per person (5 pax) to $150 per person (2 pax)

30 to 35 minutes

Hunlen Falls

Sheer beauty... at 1,000+ feet (305 m), Hunlen Falls is the 3rd tallest waterfall in Canada. This magnificent waterfall cascades from the north end of Turner Lake over a rugged granite precipice to rumble further on and down to Lonesome Lake below.

Hunlen Falls are a short 20 minutes by air west of Nimpo Lake. Your anticipation builds as we approach the Atnarko rivershed, flying over Lonesome Lake... the falls remain 'hidden' behind a bluff on the eastern side of a huge chasm worn by centuries of snowmelt running off mountains that surround the Turner Lake Chain.
Circling around the falls, it's a picture-perfect photo op... the falls, Turner Lake, distant mountains and more!
Click here to view video of flightsee to Hunlen Falls on YouTube!


Monarch Icefields + Hunlen Falls... from $150 per person (5 pax) to $225 per person (2 pax)

45 to 55 minutes

Monarch Mountain

Monarch Mountain... a majestic peak that towers 11,590 feet (3,533 m) above sea level, it's a rugged centrepiece that presides over the icefields bordering the southern-most edge of Tweedsmuir Park.

Monarch is just one of several highlights as we wing our way over deep mantles of snow and ice covering craggy rock stretching skyward... eons old glaciers lay 'still', inching down hidden valleys... here and there, a brilliant turquoise lake filled with small 'bergs will catch your eye. Time and weather permitting we may be able set you down on Jacobson Lake!

A great flightsee destination, Monarch is also a 'top challenge' peak sought out by mountain climbers seeking the thrill of reaching a worthy summit.


Rainbow Range + Monarch Icefields + Hunlen Falls... from $200 per person (5 pax) to $300 per person (2 pax)

60 to 75 minutes

Rainbow Range

Painted Mountains... an apt description used by the early aboriginals to describe the Rainbow Range and its multi-coloured mountains and valleys. Vivid hues ranging from reds, olives, tans and blacks are interspersed with sparkling white of snow remanent on mountain ridges and carpets of green in the valleys between.

Besides the colours by which this rugged range gets its name, opportunity to spot wild mountain goats, as a single or a small herd, or herds of woodland caribou is the challenge for your flight... a watchful eye will find these solitary animals that make the 'Bows their home range.
Once you've flown through the Rainbow Range, you may want to take a closer look on foot or horseback to explore the trails, lakes and alpine meadows ablaze in yet more colour.


More 'on the fly'...
The nearby Illgatchuz and Itcha Mountains are home to the largest caribou herd in British Columbia. When the timing is right, you will see an awesome sight 'on the wing'!
Add a Day Hike in the alpine wilderness onto your flightsee trip! There are lots of day trips to choose from; our top three...

Go flightseeing... take a tour of the West Chilcotin backcountry by air!


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