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Turner Lake, Hunlen Falls...
Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp

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Adventure Tours...
The West Chilcotin offers some of British Columbia's best wilderness adventures... camping, hiking, canoeing and fishing ...are just a few of the activities you can pursue while exploring the backcountry.
Turner Lake Canoe Chain
Perched at 3,500 feet, on the eastern edge of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, stretches a chain of lakes which flow into Turner Lake and ultimately over Hunlen Falls. Seven lakes connected by a stream are cradled between the Coastal Mountains on either side... all are navigable by canoe. You can rent a canoe for the day, or add a cabin and stay for a week. Check it out!
Outpost Camps
Lots of opportunity to 'get away from it all' at a backcountry outpost destination of your choice... from a rustic cabin on a lake all to yourself and the wildlife that call the lake home, to a high-end full service lodge catering to your every whim and desire while you are in the backcountry. It will be an experience of a lifetime and whet your appetite for more!
Backcountry Hiking
Hike to your heart's content in our backcountry... follow a stream in the Turner Lake chain or to the bluffs to view Hunlen Falls; for the more adventuresome, trek the high alpine lakes of Panorama Ridge. We also fly out hikers to the historic 'Grease Trail'... the Rainbow Mountains, remote and colourful, a photographer's dream come true.
Canoeing, Drifting & Rafting
In addition to the Turner Lake chain via Tweedsmuir Wilderness Camp, the Dean and Blackwater Rivers await those who enjoy canoeing, rafting or drifting wilderness waters for adventure and, of course, fly fishing for wild rainbows... the 'angle' is off the charts! Sections on these rivers will make your paddling trip one to remember!
Fly Out Fishing
Tweedsmuir Air Services is 'the source' for fly out fishing in the West Chilcotin. Whether it's flying drive-in customers or guests staying at one of the lodges we fly for - rest assured, you will be in for the wild rainbow trout fishing adventure you imagined. And there's more... dolly varden if you're looking for larger fish, or brilliant coastal cutts and cutt'bows!
More Adventures... horseback and pack trips are available through Klinaklini Guide Outfit and Rainbow Mountain Outfitting ...another great way for you to explore our backcountry. If you are passing through and just want to check out our world 'on the fly', let us take you flightseeing.
GREAT Adventures in the West Chilcotin!


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